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A VIP Sales Management Solution

Professional tool for Sales Team project, workflow management
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2 June 2015

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This is a task management system.

A task management system is essential for employee success and to determine how well managers control task performance. This kind of tool would help managers lead collaborative effort of their subordinates. Employees assigned to different tasks need to plan and manage various tasks assigned to him successfully. They can all keep and view all of their assignments in one shared database. This utility lets the project team practice efficient project management. It has features like email notifications and reminder, collaborative calendars, planning of recurring activities, duplicate templates, and simple customization can be very useful to completion of the set of tasks efficiently. The task and the group entities lets you break down projects into hierarchies consisting of multiple groups and tasks. Tasks can be organized by groups that flow smoothly through your projects and related processes.

Number of attributes can be attached to each task that gives you a clear view of the completion status of each one of them. These include Priority, Status, % Complete, Due Date, etc. For groups you can set such fields as Workflow, Notes, Attachments and more. All the data is managed in one database. VIP Task Manager sends simple, easy-to-understand email notifications on important tasks, scheduled reminders, and status changes so that all the participants are similarly updated. Notification messages and reminders can also be set to appear as bubble alerts. The Resources List view provides the details of each user`s account, including Name, Email, Phone, Job Title, Department, and more. When a new resource is added, you can assign tasks and groups to this resource. Permissions, role and notification events for this resource can be added in the task management system. A supervisor can have a watch list for users reporting to him. This is a very good tool.

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VIP Task Manager is professional easy-to-use software for Sales Team project, workflow management. VIP Task Manager combines functions of CRM, TeamOrganizer, ProjectManager, DocumentManager. It allows your team to plan, track and report of your sales team's activities, share your contacts database, calendar, tasks, files, links etc. VIP Task Manager provides you with total control over your customers, sales managers and sales tasks execution.
A VIP Sales Management Solution
A VIP Sales Management Solution
Version 4.04
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